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In 1847 Father Heneage built a chapel in the High Street, on the croft opposite the end of Station Lane.

Before this priests from Oscott had said mass in a house on the High Street, but Catholics in Erdington are mainly indebted to the Rev. Daniel H. Haigh, founder of the Church of SS Thomas & Edmund of Canterbury. He laid the foundation stone of the new church on 26 May 1848. The church was opened and consecrated by Bishop Ullathorne on 11 June 1850. The church is usually considered one of the best examples of the Gothic revival.

Built by Charles Hansom, the steeple of the church is 117 ft high, which is also the length of the building. In 1876 Father Haigh handed over his church, parish and estate of four acres to the Benedictine monks from Beuron in Germany, exiled for their faith from their own country.


Key Events:

26 May 1848

Foundation stone laid by newly ordained Father Daniel Henry Haigh

11 June 1850

Consecrated by Dr William Bernard Ullathorne, Vicar Apostolic of the Central District, soon to become the first Bishop of the new diocese of Birmingham

14 October 1876

Arrival of Benedictine monks

January 1878

Blessing of a peal of eight bells

15 October 1880

Completion of first wing of Monastery

15 March 1922

Redemptorists installed (on the feast of St Clement Hofbauer).


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Some notes taken from "Erdington" by Marion Baxter & Peter Drake ISBN 0 7524 0345 1

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